Super Power Road Racing 200cc Motorcycle 2 50cc City Road Adult Two-wheeled Engine Legal Dirtbike What we have here is a perfect little custom frame that shows 3605 miles on the odometer that started as 1980 “50 Special”, over the next 37 years the engine was eventually replaced by a Primavera 125cc, then a set of Polini 135cc cylinders was added with some other tasty parts like the Leo Vince Performance expansion chamber and a Carbohydrate, which measure about 17 mm on the venturi. The tires are new and the scooter starts and works perfectly on the original at primavera donor engine points and the capacitor ignition system. Texas road legal and registrable and insurable as a vintage motorcycle, something you`ll really appreciate when you discover how cheap insurance for vintage motorcycles is. The color is a color-changing variant of the 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra type, the color sees any shade from green to dark purple depending on the angle of light at any given time, certainly a well-done paint job and this color is FAR from cheap. Take to the streets on two wheels without taking a big hit on your wallet. Our affordable sports bikes offer the best in performance, maneuverability and performance at a fraction of the cost. Whether you want to buy a motorcycle or several units, we guarantee that you will not find these sports bikes for sale elsewhere at a lower price. This scooter is in very good condition, 719 miles, 50CC, 4-stroke, legal on the road, lightweight 484LBS, 10“ wheels, 74 MPG, 35PGH, electric start and kickstart, new battery, DOT helmet has cracked taillight and lack of rear tire fairing 2015 HISUN SECTOR 250 UTILITY UTV, Highlights: ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION (EFI), HIGH/LO RANGE FORWARD GEARS, DUMPING CARGO BED, Street legal in Wyoming, HISUN`s industry line of commercial vehicles is a brand new breed that has been developed from scratch. With race-inspired level flight suspension systems and powerful HISUN engines, UTV Sector`s range is ready for off-road work and adventure.

Standard features of the Sector range include aluminum rims, roofs, windshields, LED lighting, winches and many other accessories included as standard equipment. It has a durable 50cc engine that brings the scooter to speeds of 35 to 40 mph depending on the rider`s weight and terrain. The scooter is fully automatic and is a twist-and-go model. I have this scooter in black, blue and green in stock. They are NEW, ready to use and have never been registered or used. The engine oil has been changed with new oil. The scooter works with a CVT-based transmission, so it is fully automatic. It has a bright headlight, turn signals, brake/rear light, front disc brake and rear drum brake with 10-inch steel wheels and a loud horn. The scooter comes with 2 ignition keys, which also open the storage space under the seat (can accommodate a small helmet and other items). The scooter has a locking mechanism for the steering column to prevent theft.

Free storage space and a trunk are included with the scooter. The storage space is lockable and comes with two keys to keep your belongings safe. It gets a mileage of 90 mpg, so to operate extremely economically, much cheaper and more convenient than taking the subway or bus hassle-free. You do NOT need a motorcycle license, just a driver`s license to drive this scooter in New York/New Jersey or other states. It costs less than $4.00 to fill at the pump with gasoline with the highest octane (recommended)! Specifications: Engine size: 49cc 4 stroke Start type: Electric with keys, Kick Start Back Up Transmission: Fully automatic cooling: Air-cooled ignition: CDI Top Max. Speed: 35+ MPH miles per gallon: 90+ front brakes: Rear disc brakes: Drum Front tires: 100/60 – 10 inches Steel rims Rear tires: 100/60 – 10 inches Steel rims Front suspension: Rear hydraulic suspension: Hydraulic spring actuation: Twist Throttle, Fully automatic lighting: Headlight, brake, turn signals, Street Legal Gross weight: 220 lbs Length: 67.32 inches Width: 30.7 inches Seat height: 29 inches Height: 51.57 inches Weight capacity: 250 lbs This scooter is legal road and DOT approved. It can be registered with the DMV and taken on public roads. The insurance for this scooter is very low and costs about $100 for a year.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to see the scooter. I accept cash, credit cards or cheques. I also offer DMV registration for an additional fee after taking out insurance. You can also register it yourself with the DMV and I will provide you with the certificate of origin and other documents necessary for registration. Whether you want to get a means of transport or simply try it for leisure or sports reasons, the 50cc motorcycle homologated for the road is undoubtedly a good choice to get to work.