Dominguez`s investigative skills are on your side. Unlike many injury law firms that have to outsource significant and urgent investigative work, Dominguez has its own in-house team of exceptionally experienced, talented and dedicated investigators. Investigators are available 24 hours in advance to obtain crucial and urgent evidence, and typically arrive in the Los Angeles area, in all five Los Angeles counties, within one to two hours of a new accident: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura. The success of a personal injury case often depends on prompt and appropriate investigations to prove negligence. Dominguez strives to conduct the most important investigations into a new accident case at any time before insurance companies can fully utilize their investigative resources. The defendant insurance company will primarily attempt to deny the negligence. One of the pillars of Dominguez`s roadmap is the product of the collaborative work of its team of highly experienced and bilingual researchers. The legal eagle investigators and our litigators at Dominguez will go the extra mile for you! The law firm Dominguez is pleased to announce that Esma Karakas has been awarded the legal scholarship for the fall of 2022. This semester scholarship is awarded to promising law students who want to make a difference in their communities and for society as a whole through the legal profession.

Elegido como el mejor abogado de accidentes de autos en el Valle de San Gabriel en 2020. Nuestra firma puede ayudarle si ha sufrido alguna lesión personal. Let our law firm handle investigations, medical bills, insurance companies, claims and legal processes, adjusters, property damage and assistance with the necessary medical care to give you the peace of mind to focus on your health. Call us at 626-986-3792 to speak to our company. Managing Partner of the firm, with many years of experience in providing legal advice to companies, SMEs and start-ups. Individuals and businesses struggling with their debts have legal options, including consolidation, negotiation and bankruptcy. Our approach allows us to understand our clients` situation and needs and add value to our strategic advice by providing effective legal and tax solutions. Advising companies in the fields of e-commerce, digital contracts, consumer and user law, compliance with legal regulations on cookies, electronic signature services, means of payment, certified digitization, etc. We help your business diversify its sales and have an online presence. If you have been injured in an accident and are looking for a personal injury lawyer, the personal injury lawyers at our personal injury law firm are among the best in the profession. In our law firm, each client is assigned a reputable personal injury lawyer who forms a team with the other supervising lawyers of the personal injury firm to ensure the best possible legal representation.

Protegemos los derechos legales de aquellos acusados de crímenes, incluyendo DUI, robo y crímenes por drogas, como cultivo. The company is based on three core values: compassion, service and results. He is particularly distinguished and proud to have a highly experienced and diverse legal staff that provides the understanding and compassion necessary for the demographically diverse communities in the Greater Los Angeles area he serves. The firm is able to serve clients and their families in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, French, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin and Persian. “Me he enfocado en que nuestra misión sea de proporcionar una representación firme a personas que buscan servicios legales. La representación que se merecen. Dominguez Firm is one of the best-known and most successful personal injury law firms in the greater Los Angeles area, with a proud record of more than $1 billion* for injured accident victims. For more than thirty years, the company has been advocating for injured customers in thousands of cases involving all types of accidents and injuries in Southern California. With over 120 employees, the Dominguez Firm is a personal injury law firm with the experience, resources, recognition and results that most other injury firms lack.

“I feel like they really went out of their way to get me as much money as possible. I would definitely recommend them. Thank you Dominguez Firm! – Alexis D. For more than 30 years, the company has built an extensive network and gained valuable experience working with leading medical specialists in severe brain injury, spinal cord injury, illegal death, orthopedic injury, amputation injury, burns, disfigured injuries, hand injuries and organ injuries. The breadth of our network and our experience are important factors in our balance sheet. Desde su creación la Firma ha crecido, incorporando a distintos Abogados y profesionales que potencian las áreas tradicionales de trabajo o que cubren nuevas necesidades de asesoramiento y servicio de nuestros clientes. More than a year after a car hit me on a crosswalk, the driver`s insurance company offered me less than $6,000 for my injuries. Dominguez fought hard for me and brought me a verdict of over $29,000,000. If you are involved in a serious accident, don`t settle for less, call the best! Our structure and adaptability allow us to respond with agility to the needs of our customers. Experienced business lawyers with the international experience you need to grow your business. Injured workers are entitled to workers` compensation benefits, including medical and temporary disability benefits. He values a large part of his professional career in this field and analyzes obligations and contracts between people, contractual and non-contractual civil liability, real estate rights, leases, horizontal real estate and property management.

Dominguez has a proud track record of 96%* in injury cases. Since 1987, the lawyers currently employed by our firm have successfully resolved thousands of bodily injuries and workplace injuries throughout Southern California, and have an excellent recovery record of more than $1 billion* in judgments and settlements for people injured in accidents.