When upgrading an Active-Sound system, an ABE or expert opinion must be available – or an individual acceptance must be made by registration with the TÜV. More details: Active-Sound Systems and TÜV: Legal or illegal? The Maxhaust system is completely reversible, legal and easy to use because it does not interfere in any way with the exhaust system. This makes it LTA compliant, so you can enjoy a grumpy escape note without fear of legal complications. Since it only retrieves information from the car`s electronic system, it also doesn`t cause indicator lights or errors. If desired, the device can also be removed without compromising the vehicle manufacturer`s warranty. Sound characteristics of the exhaust system With the sound characteristics, you can adapt the sound type of the sound produced to your wishes. The sound of the KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro is almost indistinguishable from an original V6 or V8 engine. Finally, the fourth step is Maxhaust`s proprietary module, which was developed from scratch. It is also the most customizable of all. With this step, the bass and escape tones can be adapted exactly to your preferences.

Plus, it can even mimic the pop and crackles that are often heard in supercars. In addition, it will also receive regular updates with new features and improved audio files. For example, a recent update included a “kickdown mode” that automatically changes the sound profile when you walk on gasoline on automatic cars. Vehicles equipped with a generator from its ex-factory are homologated and, therefore, the system of its asset is also legal there. The external sound actuator (speaker) is usually installed in the space of the car`s spare wheel, passing the sound through an existing hole on the trunk floor. In cases where it cannot be mounted inside, a support shall be constructed in such a way that it can be screwed into the chassis of the vehicle. Engine Start – Starting the engine accompanying the sound Here you can adjust the starting sound of your vehicle. The sound of the engine launch is emitted once when you start your vehicle. Surrey Tuning is the UK`s leading distributor of active sound exhausts.

We only deal with the three major proven brands Maxhaust, Kufatec and iXSound. Active acoustic exhaust systems are suitable for most vehicles from 2009 onwards. Originally designed by German automotive supplier Eberspacher as an extremely effective active exhaust noise suppression device, it was soon realized that the same technology could be used to achieve the opposite effect of improving exhaust sound. Maxhaust offers a range of products consisting of different levels. Each scene uses the same speaker but has a different sound module. To better understand how this works, think of the Maxhaust speaker as a CD player and the modules as individual discs with different exhaust notes stored on it. The externally connected ESM (external audio module) can be selected in the software from firmware 2.79 and software You get the sounds that other manufacturers use for their cars. MAXHAUST`s ACTIVE SOUND BOOSTER is the solution for excellent V8 exhaust sound for petrol and diesel models.

Want to have a shocking escape note without getting into trouble with the authorities? Look no further, Maxhaust is the perfect solution for you! Your diesel or petrol engine doesn`t look like a real car? Would it sound like an eight-cylinder engine? No problem. Kufatec`s Sound Booster Pro makes this possible, including for electric vehicles. With KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro software, you can easily adjust the desired motor tone. Create your own sound profile and load it into your Sound Booster.What`s so special about it? – You decide how strong you want the Active Sound System to be, based on revolutions per minute. Discover all the possibilities of our software and the variety of profiles! Like the subject of valve exhaust systems or sports exhaust systems in general, we believe that we are currently operating in a grey area. The great advantage of the active audio systems described here with regard to the subject of the TÜV is certainly that they are almost always installed inside (trunk) and only the sound channel to the outside passes under the vehicle. Therefore, the systems are not relevant for indoor installation, at least in terms of safety. Nothing can “fall” or dazzle or negatively affect other road users (the booster/sound actuator weighs 4-5 kg and may be a danger if not properly installed under the vehicle. It could detach). In principle, however, the systems of its assets are usually sold without TÜV/certificate/ABE – that is, without special approval in the StVo region.

A sound module in combination with a sound actuator gives every car a powerful exhaust sound. An active sound amplifier and active sound exhausts are available for Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Porsche, Honda, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Landrover, Lexus, Toyota, Tesla, Skoda and many more. With an active audio system, on the other hand, the volume is infinitely adjustable and can also be turned off – so it`s up to everyone to decide how “legal” it is currently on the road. In modern vehicles, all ECUs communicate with each other via a data bus – the Can bus. All relevant vehicle data is executed as messages on this communication system. For example, the current speed or speed. An intelligent Can-Bus gateway can intercept and evaluate this data. Together with common active sound systems such as Maxhaust, Cete Automotive, Kufatec or Panthera, these Can-Bus control units have different names such as “Active-Sound Unit ASU”, “Maxhaust Soundbooster”, Panthera Active-Sound Generator “Panthera LEO 5.0 ASC” or “Soundgenerator”. Here is a comparison of its asset systems and manufacturers. Maxhaust, a German brand, has embraced this technology and developed an aftermarket active exhaust audio system that delivers pre-recorded exhaust sound via internally and externally mounted speakers to achieve realistic and powerful exhaust notes.