If someone has requested an APVO against you, get legal advice. Lawyers ONLY: This line is reserved for lawyers who are looking for a lawyer for pro bono domestic violence cases. If you are not sure if you have a civil law problem, please call us to find out. Unfortunately, sometimes there is simply no proper legal remedy for your problem. However, we will do everything we can to help you. Many legal issues only get worse when you`re waiting for help. And many remedies need to be used in a certain amount of time. www.police.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/507782/advo-easy-english.pdf You should describe your legal problem as briefly as possible (example: “I want to divorce my abusive partner.”). The project lawyers will ask you for more detailed information during your consultation. Our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our lawyers can help you with a variety of legal concerns related to domestic violence, sexual assault and criminal harassment.

Our lawyers in the legal field cannot help with criminal law problems. Our lawyers can advise or seek assistance in the following areas: See the Women`s Domestic Violence Courts Advocacy Programme for information on New South Wales Legal Aid`s court advocacy programme for women applying in ADVO proceedings. Lawyers can give you instructions over the phone. If there`s something in the instructions that you don`t understand, be sure to clarify it for yourself. If you do not follow the instructions given, it is unlikely that you will get the desired legal result. Depending on your individual situation, here`s what you can expect: Final orders are a “decision” of the District Court. There is the right to appeal a decision of the District Court if you believe that the decision is wrong. APVO are private applications. Anyone can apply to the court for a ppp if they are afraid of another person.

For more information, check out the following publication from Legal Aid NSW: When you call, the first person you talk to is a registration specialist. They will collect information to ensure that you are eligible for our services. They also collect other personal information, including date of birth, postal code, marital status and income. If you have any questions about a court order, please have a copy of the order ready to view. You may want to take notes on what the lawyer is telling you, or you may need to write down phone numbers or websites. Ozlaw appeared in private for the defendants and vulnerable persons (PINOP). Our lawyers can best help you if you have accurate and specific information. If you have any questions about a court order, please have a copy handy. Note: If the defendant has also been charged with a domestic violence offence, please refer to District Court Guideline 4.3.1 and Guideline 1.13.5 for the consideration of the exceptional circumstances that are met if the accused is a victim of domestic violence.

Note: If assistance under this Directive is provided on a customs basis, the resource review does not apply. www.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au/Pages/representing/lawassist_avo/lawassist_gettingavo_home/lawassist_gettingavo_home.aspx. We help a lot of people and we want to be sure that we will help you as soon as possible. www.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au/Pages/representing/lawassist_avo/lawassist_defendingavo_home/lawassist_defendantaftercourt_avo/lawassist_defendantaftercourt_avo.aspx#:~:text=If%20a%20Final%20Apprehended%20Violence%20Order%20(AVO)%20is%20made%20you,order%20is%20made%20against%20you We understand the police process, the judicial system, the law and how and when to challenge them: if you are eligible for our services, a lawyer will help you within the limits call three to five working days. You need to give us a number where we can call you back. Volunteering with the Texas Advocacy Project is a rewarding opportunity to give back to the community while learning a lot. The lawyers and staff who work here are always ready to teach and are truly committed to finding solutions to domestic violence. As a helpline volunteer, I enjoy having personal contact with the people the project serves because I hear the relief in their voices that someone is there to help.

It`s a wonderful organization with great people working to change women`s lives. Don`t worry: all your information will be treated confidentially and protected by solicitor-client privilege. This is the rule that lawyers don`t have to tell anyone what their clients are telling them. If you file an application and the other person has a lawyer, you may have to pay other people`s attorneys` fees. We can guide you through the process and support and advise you. Many APVO are requested without a valid reason. Former partners, neighbours or co-workers can submit APVO applications. Often, the fears they express in the app are not real or exaggerated. Issuing a final order against you may affect your work or your relationship with family members. Once the police release an ADVO, it is rare for them to withdraw the request. You will get the most out of the call if you are able to focus 100% of your attention.

Please do not call while driving and if you receive a call from us at that time, please stop.