The firm is consistently ranked high in various legal directories and rankings. In 2015, Osborne Clarke was named Law Firm of the Year. [15] Our U.S.-based attorneys are not active domestically, but locally in the West and East Coast time zone to assist and advise our U.S. clients and provide direct access to our network of legal experts in Europe, Asia and beyond. Since opening our first U.S. office in 2000, our U.S.-based team has provided our clients with access to the know-how and expertise we have developed over the years to support U.S. companies operating internationally. We do not advise on U.S. law and instead focus on legal issues abroad. Our clients range from emerging challengers and disruptors to large U.S. companies. This structure of international time-zone lawyers, industry expertise and many years of experience advising U.S.

companies positions Osborne Clarke as a trusted legal advisor to U.S. companies looking to succeed in tomorrow`s world. Our service lines define our core competencies as lawyers, each supported by deep industry knowledge and new ideas on how businesses might operate in tomorrow`s world. Manages the creation of legal documents to support price and sales promotions and creates a picture of what makes promotions successful. The platform ensures a consistent approach to running promotions for a brand or portfolio. Focuses on business users and allows them to help themselves, reducing the workload on legal teams. Business users receive relevant and useful guidance up to and during each legal instruction, including assistance with compliance procedures such as GDPR and ASA codes. And – best of all – it reduces the volume of email traffic and administration. You should work with people who can leverage their deep understanding of your industry and the legal implications of digitalization to solve the problems your business faces today. And to help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities you`ll face tomorrow.

Osborne Clarke is an international law firm based in London, England, with offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, China, India via BTG Legal, Singapore, USA and Poland. The company has more than 270 partners and 1,600 employees in 27 offices around the world. The company`s headquarters are located in London, UK. Greater visibility, better cost and risk control, and a faster and more efficient approach to the project legal process. We provide clients with deep industry expertise, tailored legal advice and market knowledge in the following sectors: technology, media and communications, financial services, real estate and infrastructure, life sciences and healthcare, retail and consumer goods, energy and utilities, transportation and automotive. We have been advising our clients for years on the legal implications of urban dynamics and helping them understand how they will affect their business in the short, medium and long term. We understand that the way cities are designed, built and managed offers extraordinary opportunities. Our legal advice aims to help our clients take advantage of these opportunities. Enables in-house legal teams, senior management and other professional users to access, manage and query cross-border advice and matters in an efficient and coordinated manner. It has a variety of interactive features to visualize operational priorities. Osborne Clarke`s long-standing industry approach means that our lawyers work in multi-practice teams that truly understand the industries in which our clients operate, allowing us to provide strategic and practical legal advice tailored to their business.

Osborne Clarke is a full-service international law firm that provides a comprehensive, pragmatic global legal solution to U.S. businesses. Assist a retired world-renowned lawyer with legal writing and research. Good writing skillsPlease send your CV to: [email protected] As the digital “gateway” for Osborne Clarke, the Client Hub makes it easy to manage legal work and expenses, giving you a comprehensive view of business, finance, and billing with appropriate data visualizations to bring your data to life. Explore the legal implications, opportunities and risks of investments, operations and interactions with the Metaverse In addition to the above locations, we have experts working in specialized international groups who are able to advise major international markets such as the Middle East, India* and Turkey. Osborne Clarke is the trade name of an international law firm and its associated companies. Full details under *Services in India are provided by a relationship firm Our lawyers combine the points to provide legal advice greater than the sum of its parts. We take a three-dimensional approach: we combine our legal expertise, industry and client understanding with insight into the global issues driving change in our clients` businesses: we invite you to take a look at our short 2-minute video showing how Osborne Clarke works with US clients for their international legal needs, our areas of expertise in your market, as well as the solutions we offer to your business.

Do you have a general enquiry? Contact our team. We stand by you and work closely with you to add value, share new products and apply digital solutions. When you look around to solve your legal and business challenges, big and small, and seize the opportunities for change that change your business today and tomorrow, together we are ready for what`s next. Fenningham, Dempster & Coval LLP is seeking mid-level PA/NJ approved partners/partners who are able to provide legal support in the following cases. Compliance Manager is an online application that saves you time and helps you and other stakeholders in all jurisdictions stay on top of regulatory requirements, stay on the right page, and demonstrate compliance at all times. Advising the leading action camera and media company on its international expansion, corporate structuring, M&A transactions and commercial matters in Europe. As compliance rules tighten, meeting these requirements is now more important than ever. We know that this task is both time-consuming and littered with misleading information. Resolution Center brings together key actions, status, tasks, and documents in one place, giving you a single window into disputes. CIVIL PROCEDURE LAWYER We need a lawyer with at least 7 years of experience in civil litigation who is able to handle a workload of. 0-5 years Associate lawyer required for a civil litigation firm in the buckhead area.

Great opportunity for advancement. Salary is recommended. Advising the eco-friendly footwear company on the expansion of e-commerce and retail stores in Europe and Asia. THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE SCHOOL OF LAW is seeking applications for a 9-month visiting lecturer position to be held in the fall semester. The platform is designed to grow with each client and can be used by a number of jurisdictions to handle all global mobility issues. The platform is fully customizable and can be adapted to any business. By bringing all your information together in one place, we help you meet your unmet needs. A single source of truth across multiple devices that can save you time and money. The firm has earned a reputation for working in a number of sectors, but refers to the following list on its corporate website: The Orange County office of Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP is seeking a partner with 2-4 years of litigation experience. Candidates.

575 Lexington Ave 14th Floor New York, NY, United States 10022 Our industry-recognized team works with you using design thinking to co-develop a custom platform tailored to your needs. The platform is designed to provide you with a practical solution to your real-world problems. Your entire team can track projects in real time, share information with key stakeholders, capture and get insights from your data, and anyone can do their work online. The Manhattan-based real estate company is looking for a part-time attorney (no more than 30 hours per week) with commercial leasing experience. BRIAN M. HUGHES, COUNTY EXECUTIVE COUNCILLOR`S OFFICE Mercer County Councillor`s office is seeking a lawyer with 3-5 years of C experience. Since 2000, our U.S. offices have supported more than a thousand U.S. companies at all stages of their growth – from international expansion to cross-border investments to global consulting for some of America`s largest companies.

Midtown NYC Defense is looking for 3 lawyers. Cash entry NJ a plus. (1) General liability / malpractice lawyer 2 years of experience. (2) W. Advising the leading technology bank on its European trade credit and seed credit operations. In addition, we delve into global issues that are changing the landscape of our lives, work, and economy. We focus on the transformation drivers that will have the greatest impact on our customers and use our knowledge to help you succeed, ensure agility and strengthen your business resilience. With gross sales of $481,481,000 in 2021, the firm ranked 121st in the 2022 Global 200 ranking. Osborne Clarke has 889 lawyers and the firm ranked 23rd in the 2020 UK 100 rankings. We provide a dedicated project manager “in the time zone” to support clients throughout the international deployment process by supporting our overseas experts as quarterbacks.

We`re taking a different approach to helping businesses expand outside the U.S. – ensuring they effectively enter a new market while minimizing headaches related to foreign laws and regulations. The company is also known for its strong corporate culture. In 2019, the company received the award for Best Corporate Culture at the Managing Partners Forum (MAP) Awards. [16] Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina,, with offices in Glen Rock and Asbury Park, NJ, is looking for an exceptional and highly motivated Attorn.