Despite the boom, there are few West Asian restaurants in Delhi. From time to time, you will find niche suppliers that offer specialties from the region. I particularly remember the Yemeni Mandi chicken rice provided by Sassy Begum. It is a fragrant rice dish, served with a large piece of fried chicken. This caught my eye a few days ago when I was looking for something interesting to order for dinner. It was on the menu of a place called Laylaâs Shawarma and Middle Eastern Kitchen (L 27, ground floor, Zamrudpur, Greater Kailash 1; and G 28 Green Park). The other dishes on the menu sounded good too. So I asked for a plate of Yemeni rice (395¹), Lebanese fried chicken with hummus (245¹) with flatbread, juicy lamb with hummus and lafab bread (275¹), fattoush salad (245¹) and layla`s special Lebanese cheesecake (275¹). When we say “pita”, the image that often appears is not that of the Father, but a piece of soft, folded bread. Like pita, shawarma is now so much a part of our food lexicon that it`s hard to believe there was a time when few of us knew about these dishes from the Eastern Mediterranean or Western Asia.

The rules of pita. Or, to borrow an old soft drink slogan: Pita Bhi Cheetah Hai! The lamb and chicken came with a good portion of hummus, creamy and thick but easy to taste. The pita and lafa were soft and, dipped in hummus, went very well with the meat. I finished the meal with a cheesecake, full of dates, figs and nuts and seasoned with honey (but a bit heavy). I called Laylaâs the next day and was told that the GK branch is only for delivery or takeaway, while the Green Park branch also has a small seating area. It is open from noon to 11pm. The menu includes different types of shawarmas (with meat or with falafel, harissa and paneer), cheeseburgers in a pita, pulled pork pita and kababs. Prices are reasonable – I paid – ¹1.539 including shipping costs. Rule amendments or additions must be received by December 31 for consideration at the following year`s Rules Committee meeting (usually during the Grand Pacific).

Juicy lamb and fried Lebanese chicken with hummus. | Photo credit: Special Agreement Among the first to introduce Lebanese and related food was El Arab, which was located in a Connaught Place restaurant that passed through various avatars – from Cellarâs and Parlour to Degchi, DV8 and Pind Balluchi. El Arab no longer exists, but in recent years, shawarma meters have appeared in different parts of the city. Example of an announcement for a recorded program: THE (Club Name) WILL ORGANIZE A RECORDED SHOOT (ATA or PITA) on (Date). Food came with a free serving of potato fries. We had an unforgettable dinner as the food was light but deliciously tasty. I started with the Fattoush salad and found it simply excellent. It contained pieces of fresh lettuce, as well as cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, and tiny crispy buns. It came with a syrupy pomegranate dressing and had a delicious minty flavor. Make sure that no shooters currently suspended by ATA or PITA are allowed to record targets. This agreement is subject to annual review by ATA and PITA for problem resolution.

This letter of intent may be terminated by written notice of both associations with one hundred and eighty (180) days` notice. Therefore, shooters who record yardage winning targets will have their ATA and PITA cards punched accordingly. The rice – aromatic and lightly flavored with saffron and peppered nuts – was also excellent. The chicken that came with it was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The lamb, shaved from the shawarma grill, was moist and slightly spicy. The chicken had been crumbled and fried, then cut into strips. Fattoush salad. | Photo credit: Special Agreement Do you need the format to submit a proposal from your country/provincial association? Click HERE The following PITA is formatted for pre-qualification, which refers to a single (single) contract or multiple contracts (“slice and package”). All PITA points must be completed by the employer before issuing pre-qualification documents.