One. At Regius Legal LLP, we are particularly focused on knowledge building and research. Young lawyers bring a lot of fresh perspectives and the firm is always striving to open its doors to new talent. The company believes in a culture of training and mentoring future leaders from day one of internships and each year we intentionally recruit new graduates from these internships to keep the wheel of growth. Associates are personally involved in training articling students on practical, commercial and procedural aspects in order to broaden the academic knowledge they acquire at the Faculty of Law. In addition, our firm has a library of more than 20,000 books accessible to articling students interested in developing a solid foundation for practice. We also have a head of research and paralegal who dedicates time to strengthening that culture of the firm. On the other hand, I have chosen two other different areas of law, namely. International Trade Law and Arbitration As trade becomes “global” in the true sense of the word, cross-border trade has increased. While this offers huge business opportunities, there is also a need to find ways to resolve cross-border disputes arising from different legal and regulatory frameworks. To ensure that companies do not find themselves in troubled waters, international commercial arbitration is quickly becoming the preferred means of dispute resolution between various Indian and international entrepreneurs. Interested candidates can send their CV and cover letter to 2.

the internship can start between 1 May`18 and 31 May`18 Candidates with an internship experience of 3 months or more 1. Regius LLP is seeking articling students for a 3-month articling placement effective January 21, 2022. The minimum duration of the internship is 3 months, starting January 21, 2022. Another benefit of a strong academic background is that you excel in the art of interpreting laws and legal documents. Taking different academics, some courses at once, familiarized me with multitasking and managing conflicting priorities. It has also helped me a lot in my professional relationships. R. M.

Kiran Jain, the leading litigator, laid the foundation for his legal practice in 1991 by establishing Kiran Jain & Co. as an exclusive exclusive firm. As part of the dispute resolution practice, the practice offers a range of services from land disputes, debt collection, money laundering, white-collar crime, fraud and fraud, family disputes, finances and constitutional challenges. One. Now that we know the inevitable transition to a more technology-driven legal system, the sooner we adapt to progress, the better it will be for us. However, I believe that some aspects of physical hearing cannot and should not be replaced by virtual hearing. For example, judicial proceedings in civil and criminal matters. Indeed, in these stages, eye contact, the study of body language, face-to-face interaction play a very important role. Even some evidence must be physically presented in court. I think critical phases of a case, such as cross-examination, will not be as effective if they are conducted virtually. There is a lot of preparation until the last minute, interactions, brainstorming, transmission of important information between the lawyer, the defense lawyer, the witness and so on.

Where will lawyers be on screen during these trials, which will take place by videoconference? How will interactions with witnesses take place? Will lawyers, clients and witnesses all be in the same place or in different places? How do you request information (as is the case with physical hearings) during questioning or how do you prevent the witness from being called during cross-examination? There are still many questions that need to be answered before a “switchover” to digital means takes place. If you meet the following criteria, send us your CV at Preference will be given to candidates with internship experience of 3 months or more and a keen interest in litigation. We offer the opportunity to do internships and contribute to our team in our Mumbai office. The person must be physically present at the office premises in Fort, Mumbai and during the internship report from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 am. With the amendment of the Companies Act and the introduction of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), the growth of the company`s practice was inevitable due to the growing customer base that forced us to address some of the most well-known and risky issues in various forums in the above areas. Increasingly, we have also handled domestic and international arbitration proceedings for our clients in various sectors. As a result, as part of its growth initiatives, the firm transitioned from a sole proprietorship to a partnership firm by integrating me as a senior partner and founding Regius Legal LLP in 2018. In addition, some of our corporate clients who have worked with us on the litigation side are very impressed with our professional ethics and legal strategies and have started to involve us in their business/business decisions and plans. This has created a solid foundation for the firm`s corporate practice.

In the next phase of our growth, which is already underway, our partners are already operating a diversified practice covering diversified service offerings in aviation, banking and finance, real estate, maritime, corporate and commercial consulting, joint ventures, intellectual property, information technology and mergers and acquisitions. Regius Legal LLP is a full-service law firm specializing in civil and criminal litigation and dispute resolution. Mr. Kiran Jain laid the foundation for his legal practice in 1991 by founding Kiran Jain & Co as a sole proprietorship. With litigation and dispute resolution at the heart of its practice, the firm has grown significantly and has specialized in areas of law. As part of its growth initiatives, the firm transitioned from a sole proprietorship structure to a partnership by hiring Mr. Ish Jain as a senior partner and establishing Regius Legal LLP in 2018. • Support senior lawyers and partners in litigation They are looking for articling students to contribute to their Mumbai office.

Applicants must be able to physically travel to their office in Mumbai. Q. They are co-partners at Mumbai-based law firm Regius Legal. What are the job opportunities in the company for first-year students? Q. While completing your Specialized LL.M. in four different areas of law, namely (i) International Trade Law, (ii) Intellectual Property Rights, (iii) Arbitration Law, and (iv) Information Technology Law, what were the benefits you can assess to do the same? Q. His law firm Regius Legal LLP is a full-service law firm specializing in civil and criminal litigation and dispute resolution. Would you maintain the niche multi-service dispute resolution practice or do you intend to venture into other practice areas? Through appropriate training and mentorship from our partners, articling students provide support in all areas of law firm practice, including dispute resolution, aviation, technology, civil and criminal litigation, and business and corporate litigation. Assist their lead counsel and partner in litigation and arbitration.

Regius Legal LLP is a full-service law firm specializing in civil and criminal litigation and dispute resolution.