Riggers and plant builders sometimes lift, move, load, unload and store heavy and expensive equipment on a construction site. As a result, they are exposed to serious exposures when it comes to the property of others. They need special protection to keep their business running smoothly. With Hanover Marine`s rigger liability coverage, they can perform their vital function without having to worry about a slip or accident destroying their business and reputation. The original screen sets used in the theater moved with ropes and pulleys and were developed from techniques used for sails. Modern fly systems emerged from these roots. This also led to the tradition in British theatres of never whistling on stage, as riggers on stage used the same whistled instructions as on board a ship. A misplaced pipe could be understood as an instruction to riggers to change the assembly. [2] Customers may ask you to meet certain liability coverages before moving a device. If your current liability limit for riggers is less than the value of the machine, you can get confirmation for this project to cover the additional amount of the machines.

These additional costs are often passed on to the client as part of the cost of the project. The riggers` responsibility can be acquired for a single project or cover the cranes` activities for the year. What happens if I move machines whose value exceeds my liability coverage? An installation float can also be an alternative if you work as a rigger in addition to other contractual roles and the equipment and materials you move are part of this project. The installation float cover applies to a single construction process or phase (for example, plumbing). In contrast, riggers` liability insurance is specific to covering a crane operator who lifts or moves or places someone else`s property. Summary: Rigging contractors, commonly referred to as “riggers”, who lift, install and move the property of others, are subject to Bureau of Insurance Services (ISO) Form IH 00 91 12 11, Riggers` Liability Insurance Form. Riggers specialize in lifting other people`s heavy objects during construction, installation or moving. They can be held legally liable if they negligently damage the property they raise. The form covers the corrector`s interest in the property that is lifted, moved or lifted.

Our specialized marine products in inland and marine navigation include builder risk, contractor equipment, float, road freight, ocean freight, rigger liability and warehouse liability. In the theater and film industry, a Drahtrigger is a special effects/stunt crew worker who “steals” actors. They are responsible for mounting special wiring harnesses on attached wires, which in turn are routed through a series of “blocks” (pulleys) to a control area where a waste trigger lifts, lowers or passes through an actor supporting the wiring harness. Drahtrigger also builds rails along which a “ice skate” moves, from which the wire is attached. Many plays and feature films (e.g. Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Superman) use this technique. [5] The liability of riggers is often found in an inland navigation police. Ideally, your inland navigation insurance policy provides transit or cargo coverage in addition to rigging liability. Alternatively, rigger liability can also be provided as confirmation of your general liability insurance policy. Note that the rigger`s liability on GL often does not cover customers` goods during transport.

The other disadvantage is that any claim consumes your general aggregate and also increases your liability premium, which usually has a higher rate than an inland navigation policy. When exactly does Riggers liability insurance apply to the property? 1) What is Riggers Liability Insurance? Insurance for a contractor`s liability arising from the movement of the property and equipment of others while in the custody, custody or control of the rigging company while handling property and performing the duties of a rigging contractor. Coverage only applies to damage that occurs while acting as an assembly contractor and to damage for which they are legally bound.