The Mexican fintech is also working with regulators to modernize Mexico`s brokerage system. One of the main barriers to market access is that the Mexican legal framework does not allow for digital inclusion in brokerage firms. You can contact them at You can also write to them through their Facebook page: Ustariz & Abogados, Chief Consumer Representative of Financial Products and Services: Ana María Giraldo Rincón, Post, you can send your complaint or recommendation to the post office: or to the address calle 26 b 4a 45 piso 11 Bogotá. Some international credit cards usually include coverage for medical expenses, car rental, and legal assistance. If you do not wish to withdraw the funds, you also have the option of making the transfer to another investment product or an omnibus account managed by a company supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Colombia that sends us the order to “Since the beginning of these negotiations, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Colombia has been informed with the aim of complying with all legal guidelines to carry out a transparent and regulated transaction. We are following all relevant procedures, soon we will file and we hope that the authorities will give us the resolution,” said Sergio Jimenez, CEO and co-founder of Flink. To withdraw money, you must do it through the app.

Find the “Withdrawals” section and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Keep in mind that each withdrawal will cost you $3,400. In addition, Ualet will inform you of the maximum amount you can withdraw funds without penalty. Flink is revolutionizing the country`s stock market investment ecosystem through its app, as it gives Flinkers (clients) the ability to buy fractional shares starting at $1.5 without commissions on the New York Stock Exchange; In addition to access to a new dimension of secure, digital, transparent, agile and innovative financial tools. To access the FAQ section, click on the following link: It`s very simple, you can add money as many times as you want by scheduling automatic withdrawals or making transfers via PSE. If you want to add money from your bank via PSE, the bank cost is $3,000. It is important to mention that you have no limit to deposit money into your account, and the only way to add money is through a bank account via automatic debit or PSE, depending on what is becoming more and more available. This means that you will not be able to top up money to your account 4.You enter the total balance available for withdrawal. (Option to withdraw all money) Once you have completed the previous steps, you will have your money in your bank account in a maximum of 6 business days, taking into account opening and banking hours! More than 55 startups from 11 countries applied for this edition. This tender was characterized by the high level of competition and high quality of all registered startups as well as the geographical diversity and fintech segments represented. In particular, it was highlighted in this edition that most of the participating startups came from Colombia (47%), Peru (18%) and Argentina (11%), with the payments segment being the main solution for 31% of applicant startups, followed by Business Technologies for Financial Institutions (16%).

It is also interesting to note the participation of start-ups that focus on the capital markets and loan segments (11% each). 6.Si you don`t have a registered account yet, you`ll need to create one. Remember that it must be on your behalf to respond to the withdrawal request. At Ualet, they work with the approach that the best investment outcomes depend on appropriate portfolio diversification. The diversification strategy is based on the efficient portfolio model of Nobel laureate Black-Litterman. The app creates an efficient portfolio and diversifies into a combination of funds that help you consolidate your returns while minimizing risk. Ualet manages the following levels of risk: Ualet allows anyone to easily invest in the stock market without the need to be an expert. With the mobile app, you only invest what you want or can.

Ualet offers an advisory service in which they mention that they will always talk to you, advise you and inform you about investment issues in a friendly and different way. Learn more about us and check out the terms and conditions at: and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and listen to our “Finance in Orbit” podcast on Spotify or YouTube. For the Finnosvista team, it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet all the participating startups, commit to their commitment to innovation in the financial sector and support them in realizing the bright future that comes with them. The winning project, as well as the finalist projects, are undoubtedly an example of the great skills and hidden talents in the region and the great potential yet to be discovered. Officially, we welcome you to the Ulet blog, a section created especially for you on the Internet where you will find fun, functional, creative and important content that does not pretend to tell you how to save, but makes you want to be part of the new way to save. Meanwhile, Flink is the first Mexican platform to specialize in investing, giving access to fractional shares on the New York Stock Exchange starting at $1.5 and commission-free. The expansion into Colombia is envisioned in a plan to reach 4 million users by 2022, which also includes entry into other countries such as Peru, Chile and Argentina.