The University`s Office of Legal Counsel represents the University, which includes providing legal advice and advice to the Board of Governors, the Registrar, the administration, faculty and staff on legal matters concerning or involving the institution. We advise the university administration on a wide range of initiatives, issues and policy issues and serve as a link between the university and its affiliated and affiliated institutions on legal and policy issues. We also assist in program implementation and provide legal and policy training to internal academic audiences and educational programs for legal and general audiences outside the institution on issues affecting the university and higher education in general. We deal with crisis and opportunity management and preventive advice, including the identification of high-risk activities and companies carried out by the university and the articulation of methods or strategies to manage risks. Our office is responsible for the selection and supervision of all external counsel engaged by the institution. In all of our work, we are committed to understanding the goals and upholding the values of the diverse Carolina campus community. In addition, the OGC advises the University on the legal implications of proposed policies and actions, advises the University on compliance with state and federal laws and administrative regulations, drafts or reviews University contracts, and coordinates the legal aspects of the University`s real, personal, and intellectual property interests. The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) provides comprehensive legal advice and support to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Have you ever wondered if marking an email as “confidential” is really important, or how private your conversations with a lawyer really are? This session will examine the privacy expectations of faculty and staff in their e-mail communications, electronic files and office space at the university, as well as the factors that determine the confidentiality obligations of university legal counsel. Emily F. Hall Paralegal (919) 843-1615 Donna M. Blyskal Legal Specialist (919) 962-0338 Assistant: Haydée Marchese.

Presented by: Sarah Edwards, Senior Assistant General Counsel Tina Dadio, University Public Records Officer and Legal Specialist Welcome to the website of the University`s Office of Legal Counsel. We hope this website is a useful guide to finding information about the office, learning more about our staff, and familiarizing yourself with university regulations and policies. Carolyn Pratt Director of University Governance and Associate Counsel (919) 962-6976 Assistant: Jelyssa Bastien Marla Spector Bowman Litigator (919) 843-6456 Assistant Amy Miller Jelyssa Bastien Business Services Coordinator (919) 843-6036 Lori Mahaney eDiscovery Specialist (919) 843-7880 James E. S. (Jesh) Humphrey IV, Vice-Chancellor of Integrity institutional and general counsel. Steve Keadey Associate Vice-Chancellor and Senior Counsel (919) 843-3620 Assistant: Amy Miller Benjamin A. Davidson, Director of Tax Policy and Analysis and Associate Academic Counsel; Adjunct Professor of Law (919) 962-6365 Assistant: Nicole Long Paul C. Neimeyer Senior University Counsel for Medical Affairs (919) 962-1219 Assistant: Shantia Thomas. Please visit the Fellowship in Higher Education Law page for more information on the program.

Where: via Zoom (link for those who register) Haydée Marchese Business Services Coordinator (919) 843-3264 Sophie Plott Higher Education Law Fellow (919) 962-1219 Katherine Georger Chief Privacy Officer and Associate Academic Counsel (919) 843-1829 Assistant: Jelyssa Bastien Sara Throckmorton Fellow in Higher Education Law (919) 843-5869 Melanie White, Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor, Institutional Integrity Division and General Counsel Thomas Henry Associate Academic Counsel (919) 962-6270 Assistant: Haydée Marchese. Laura H. Thornton Director of Legal Operations and Strategy (919) 962-7247 Assistant: Haydée Marchese Samantha (Sam) Sears, Associate Vice-Chancellor and Deputy General Counsel OGC erbringt diese Dienstleistungen in Universitätsangelegenheiten für das UNC Pembroke Board of Trustees, die Hauptadministratoren der Universität und über sie für die Fakultät, das Personal und die Studentenregierung der UNC Pembroke.