There are a handful of scholarships that require application. If you meet the scholarship criteria, you will receive an application by email after your admission. Scholarships that require application include the Public Service Scholarship, Chief Justice Ralph J. Cappy Scholarship, K&L Gates Diversity Scholarship, Derrick A. Bell Fellowship in Law and Social Justice, and Blue & Gold Dean Scholarship. More information on the application process for these scholarships can be found on our scholarships page. Applications for admission to the Pitt Law JD program will be accepted from September 1st until our May 1st deadline. Applications will only be considered for the current year for the autumn semester. We ask all applicants to submit their application online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Pitt Law is very competitive and decisions are based on many factors. Can I take a first-year course or attend law school? We would love for you to visit Pitt Law anytime! We offer a variety of tour options, including Pitt Law Admissions 101 information sessions, Discover Pitt Law programs, personalized tours and appointments, or simply in a course of your choice.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Law will consider GRE scores in addition to LSAT scores for those who want both considered and have taken both. In this context, the ERG acts as a potential positive indicator that the Faculty of Law will consider as part of an application. You can stay in touch with us and continue to receive information about deadlines, new programs and scholarship information by leaving us your information via the Law School Admissions Council Prospective Information contact form. The Pitt Law Admissions Team recommends that you take advantage of our priority deadline, as you will be one of the first candidates we will consider for the next cohort. If you apply before the priority date, you will also have ample time to submit the additional required documents in addition to the application itself. You`ll also have your decision sooner, which can help you submit scholarships, financial aid, and other loans. Start your applicationStart with your application for an MSL or graduate certificate. Our admissions counsellors are here to help you through the process. If you have any questions during the application process, make an appointment or email our team. Our Application Checklist is a one-sided and comprehensive overview of the application process developed by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law admissions team to help you complete your online application for an MSL or Pitt Law graduate certificate. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law accepts transfer students after successfully completing the first year of university study at another law school. Applicants must complete the application for admission to the Faculty of Law and submit the required documents.

ALAP is the Accelerated Law Admissions Program (also known as the 3/3 Program) that offers outstanding students completing their undergraduate studies at one of our partner schools the opportunity to complete their bachelor`s degree while beginning their first year of law school. These students complete their bachelor`s degree and law studies in six years instead of seven. Our application for admission to the JD is available online with the support of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Once the application is complete, carefully follow the submission instructions for the application and the $65 non-refundable deposit fee. We encourage you to visit the law school to learn more about Pitt Law! Although we welcome visitors all year round, planning a visit during school hours can be very valuable. How do I get an application? Our app is available online. A student may request to visit Pitt Law if they have completed two years of law school at another law school and have permission from the dean of their current school. Applicants must complete the Law School application and submit the following: Is there a separate application for a scholarship? For applicants to MSL or online certificate programs, you can expect the following from the application process.

If admission is granted, the transferred student`s completed law school work will be evaluated in light of Pitt Law`s program offerings for transfer credits. Only up to 32 transfer points are accepted. However, only up to 29 credits will be accepted in the case of (1) a transfer student admitted to a U.S. law school not approved by the American Bar Association, (2) a transfer student who graduated from a foreign law school and was admitted upon completion of the Pitt Law LL.M. program, or (3) a transfer student, who has not completed the Pitt Law LL.M. program and graduated from a foreign law school for his or her law work. outside the United States. All credits transferred must comply with the restrictions of ABA 505.

Do you accept visiting students? Yes, students currently enrolled in another ABA-accredited law school can apply as a visiting student. Visiting students must have completed two years of courses at an ABA-accredited law school. Some scholarships and other sources of financial aid require you to indicate where you will attend school to apply. The sooner you know you`re destined for Pitt Law, the sooner you can fill out these applications. What is Pitt Law`s school code for FAFSA? Pitt Law uses the same school code as the University of Pittsburgh, 008815. The deadline for filing an application is June 1 of each year. Student transfer decisions depend on the number of available spaces at Pitt Law, the QPA of the current law school, and the competitiveness of the current law school. Is there a specific major for admission? There is no specific major required for admission; However, you must complete a regionally accredited bachelor`s degree program.

Students from all fields of study have successfully completed law school – so we encourage you to study something that interests you and succeed as much as possible in your studies. We are often asked what you can do to prepare for law school. While there are no academic courses you can take to prepare, consider taking courses that emphasize reading and writing when you complete your undergraduate studies. Our Dean, Study and K. Leroy Irvis scholarships do not require a separate application. Once a student is admitted, he/she is automatically selected for these scholarships. Once your application is complete, our admissions committee will review your application. As soon as we can make a decision, you will be notified by email in a few weeks. You can also check the status of your application online using a username and password, which will be sent to you electronically after your application. We ask for your patience during the recording cycle, as there can be a lot of people at important times of the year. To take an online MSL of Pitt Law, prospective students have the option to start on two dates throughout the year for the spring and fall semesters.

Start a new career path or expand your options in your current field by applying until the priority or final deadline below. What if I have questions about character and fitness? If you have any questions about the character and fitness section of the app, please contact our office.