Lucas Group`s trusted recruiters in Washington, D.C. offer exceptional search and placement services. With the expertise of Beltway`s recruiting community and a broad national reach, you can rest assured that our recruiters will provide world-class professionals to meet your complex hiring needs. “I was contacted by Dan Binstock as part of a targeted side-a-side appointment that a law firm had asked him to make. Interestingly, I get a lot of robocalls from recruiters who, unfortunately, don`t seem to understand the nature of my practice. Dan, on the other hand, immediately showed his deep understanding of my practice and the local legal market. From our first call, Dan showed how insightful he is about career changers and their value. He is also particularly good at quickly identifying key issues that candidates need to consider. He found the right balance between communicating directly with me about my strengths and vulnerabilities and exceptional support. It may sound trite, but I think Dan “attracts people” and what motivates them.

He is exceptional in this regard. I highly recommend it – if I`m contacted by friends looking for a savvy legal recruiter, Dan will be the first and only name I give them. Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm Formation: Prior to becoming General Counsel in 2004, Dan practiced intellectual property at Finnegan Henderson, a national intellectual property boutique based in Washington, DC. He received his M.D. magna laude from American University, Washington College of Law, where he served as editor of the International Law Review. Dan received his bachelor`s degree in psychology from the University of Maryland, during which time he also performed as a pianist for the musical political comedy troupe, the Capitol Steps. For lawyers who want to take the next step in their careers or move from one position to a new one, legal recruiters often make a big difference. Washington DC legal recruiters stand up for the candidates they work with, and they save candidates time by directing them to the most suitable potential jobs without the hassle of endless online searches. Legal recruiters want to help candidates access the positions that are right for them and the employers they work with.

With our directory, you will find the right recruitment agency based in Washington DC to help you achieve your employment goals. Are you active in the Washington DC legal community? Do you need to take your career to the next level or are you looking for someone to take a legal position in your company or law firm? The Legal Recruiter Directory is your comprehensive resource for Washington DC-based legal recruitment firms. We are here to ease the burden of weeks of research for ideal legal staffing firms. The resources you need are just a click away with the Legal Recruiter Directory. Offers temporary placement, direct hiring and temporary hiring for legal positions such as Legal Executive, Legal Clerk and Legal Recruitment Assistant. Merito Group can place talent in a variety of fields: from software development to marketing, accounting, finance, human resources and more. To help you find the best legal recruitment firms, we have selected five legal recruitment firms based on each company`s brand awareness, authority, and quality. Here is a selection of the best legal services recruitment firms in Washington, DC. “Dan is by far the best legal recruiter I`ve worked with in my 25 years as a law firm recruitment partner. At Dan, unlike so many other recruiters, I feel like I`m really getting “my money`s worth,” and that makes a huge difference when I`m supported by management.

I wish Dan could be my recruiter for all of our 30+ offices. President, Partner Recruitment and Onboarding, AmLaw 100 “I have had the opportunity to work with many recruiters and their sharpness, professionalism and collegiality have set a new standard. Managing Partner, AmLaw 50 Firm “Dan is by far the best legal recruiter I have worked with in my 25 years as a law firm recruitment partner. Prior to hiring partners for an Am Law 100 firm, I was a practicing lawyer for 8 years, so I really appreciate the hands-on experience Dan brings to his role.