When learning to write, writing apprentices had to go through sequential stages. They first had to memorize short passages while singing to the teachers. Later, they were asked to copy some paragraphs to practice their writing skills, either on ostraca or on wooden boards. Once the teachers felt that the student had made progress, they assigned the same first two steps to the Middle Egyptian manuscripts, which consisted of classical works and instructions. After that, the same methods were applied to average Egyptian texts, in which grammar and vocabulary played the greatest role. [33] In Keme spirituality, the gods (or NTR) were not true gods. They were personified aspects of the world around these ancient peoples. They used the NTR to tell stories and explain things that were happening in the world around them. For example, Hru (commonly called Jesus in the Bible) is representative of the sky and the sun. On December 24, the birth of Christ (Hru) is declared as the day of the birth of the Son. In KMT, it literally meant when the sun was born. This is because they studied the stars extensively and knew that the 3 days before the 24th were the shortest light days of the year.

From the 24th, the days get longer. The word nature is derived from the word NTR (Netcher) because NTRs were representative of the nature of the world that these ancient Africans observed. Although there is little mythology about the goddess Maat, she was the daughter of the Egyptian sun god Ra; and the wife of Thoth, the god of wisdom, who invented Scripture that directly links Ma`at to ancient Egyptian rhetoric. [37] Ma`at (associated with the movements of the sun, moon, astral and Nile) is a concept based on humanity`s attempt to live in a natural harmonious state. [38] Maat is associated with the judgment of the deceased and the question of whether a person did the right thing in his or her life. [39] Therefore, to do maat was to act in an irreproachable or innocent manner. [40] The concept of Ma`at was so revered that Egyptian kings often paid homage to the gods and offered small statues of Ma`at, suggesting that they successfully maintained the universal order: the connection between the cosmic, divine, natural, and human realms. [41] When rhetoricians try to achieve balance in their arguments, they practice maat. Ma`at is the divine balance of the U-N-I verse, past, present and future If we do not recognize and live Maat, then we cannot complain about how the Tings are Thank you for this amazing information, to which I have been attracted all my life.

For the Egyptian mind, Maat connected all things in an indestructible unity: The universe, the natural world, the state, and the individual were all seen as part of the larger order produced by Maat. For very young prospective students (5-10 years old), there were learning instructions in writing schools. [32] This primary education lasted 4 years, then they were able to become apprentices to a tutor, in which this advanced level of education increased their writing careers. [32] [34] In elementary school, students were instructed by tutors sitting in a circle around the tutors. [34] The lessons were implemented in different ways: reading was recited or sung aloud, arithmetic was studied silently, and writing was practiced by copying classical short literacy and miscellanies, a short composition specifically intended to teach writing. [35] [36] Although I am not African, I am a mix of Aboriginal, Hispanic, American. In search of the roots of man and the initial upheaval of the Ma`at Way, in the current state of which the world has belief systems and tendencies in life. I see the chaos caused, the northern Indo-Europeans, who stole and manipulated knowledge. I only used it to kill and coerce indigenous peoples around the world who had a virtually common belief system in a misinterpreted and less evolved being, not to mention the extermination of those who would not conform. So let us take not only the truths of Africa, but the truths of the world. Now the world is sitting in a deaf, ignorant, doomed state. I was so happy to see these comments and to find the Ma`at way because this is the real way of life.

While I may not be able to fully comply with the 42 laws, I can spread the knowledge and hope to one day be accepted into the Kemet lifestyle. A path for all of Africa and the world. Such harmony with the universe and all that it contains can only produce positive development, and the change and destruction of this truth is the truth of Ma`at only to hinder the true architects and leaders of humanity for the use of a single group which is the minority in the world, and only because of their violence they have made it their falsely majority image and distorted images of our ancestors. How can we wake up the masses and the world? You`d better be prepared to bow to every race? The ancient Indians built all sorts of crazy and complicated structures and wonders, while half the world still carried broken sticks and stones. The same goes for China, which, along with the people of Kemet, was among the first to build ships capable of sailing the oceans and small devices that used the engineering complex for the day to detect earthquakes. In the Stone Age, when they had Stone Age technology and no knowledge of metalworking, they also built ships capable of sailing the ocean.